Course Collection

Course Collection

Two down, one to go – Sept 2016

For the past three years, I have been counting down the days until September 5th, 2017 for one reason and one reason only! All my girls, (yes I only have girls) will be in full-time education.

I used to dread term time where I had to do 3 school runs a day between two completely different locations. That 11.30am pick up almost killed me on more than one occasion.

Though I truly am grateful for those two and a half hours of peace I easily average 8,000 steps a day just doing the school run.

Exciting Anxiety

Spring equinox, 2017 sparked something in me and I became anxious yet excited about the coming September morning. What was I going to do with my whole entire six-hour days of pure maternal peace?

I thought about returning to teaching, but my degree had vanished and I really had no passion left for teaching in a classroom. So I went searching for the answer, creating brainstorm after brainstorm but over the next few weeks, the answers seem to come to me.

My wonderful friends at HomeStart Walsall informed me there would be another Volunteer Prep course. A course I had seen people start and finish at least four times since I started going there. Every time I had no childcare or the days were not suitable. I always had an excuse even though they were very valid they were still excuses.

I was holding myself back from progression.

Certificate collection spree

Determined to sort my life out, I managed to arrange childcare for my youngest and committed myself to it. I was going to help and support families and love every minute of it. While doing the course I also attended a few other courses; The Happiness Project, Child and Babies First Aid, Focus on Families, Food Safety.

All the courses together seemed to really make a difference to my confidence and I got my “Can Do” attitude back. In true Stella fashion. All the brainstorms I had finally had a route off the page. There was no longer a need to wait until a certain date to start what I could start now.

July 2017

The more skills I put back into practice the more equipped I feel for September, so even though it is officially the 6 weeks holidays I’m still looking for courses.

I have just started the Google’s Digital Garage.  A free online course helping to boost knowledge of online marketing and social media. I have also purchased this week two courses from OfCourse which you can find here. More about those soon as I start them properly.

September 2017
the girls in uniform
1st Day Power Pose
December 2017

Entrepreneurship Course was amazing! I graduate June 2018 and I am excited about it. I missed my first graduation nearly six years ago. Now I have finished the course I have my business plan all wrapped up in a bow. Ready to help others create their own! After all, I am here to teach all I have learnt.

Which course next?

Courses I’m looking for in the future would be; public speaking, events management, counselling or something similar, bookkeeping. Don’t think I will ever stop learning.

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