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UK Black History Month Project

This year I wanted to highlight Visionary’s of the past. They paved the way for me in their own individual ways. Many invented or improved machinery still used today. A few actually drafted the patents for other great inventors.

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July 2017 Mini Bio

On Updating the website, I really didn’t want to just delete my “About Me” page. It’s history, my history anyway. So have moved it here: Follow me on social media for …

Course Collection

Course Collection For the past three years, I have been counting down the days until September 5th, 2017 for one reason and one reason only! All my girls, (yes I …

B.O.B Become a Visionary with me

Become a Visionary  A Visionary according to Oxford English Dictionaries, as a noun is “a person with original ideas or plans about what the future will or could be like”. As an adjective to be “Thinking about or planning the …