Big Dreams Clear Visions BDCV

Big Dreams Clear Visions BDCV started as a dream, one could even call it a premonition.

I wanted to help others on a larger scale. It started as friends and family, then progressed to those I met in groups like ‘parent and toddler’ and courses I have taken. Yeah, I wanted to help more people. After evaluation and reflection, I went back to the dream of creating a charity and started brainstorming.

Brainstorming, by the way, is one of my favourite past times to sort through mind fog!

Through brainstorming and my Entrepreneurship course, I created a business plan, a logo and brand mood board.

Things may be going slower than I had hoped but they are going! It is so amazing to see the public reaction to what I am trying to do. I have my own motivation team almost that is keeping me focused.


That being said, it all takes funding and volunteers. They will both come in due time. Until then I am starting with my “Pay It Forward” offer:

Big Dreams Clear Visions BDCV
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Big Dreams Clear Visions BDCV are looking for a special type of volunteer. Volunteers with their own passions and dreams. If you have spare time, whether it’s an hour a month, a day or more please get in touch here

Big Dreams Clear Visions BDCV
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Case Study

Charlyne, came to me to gain more insight in becoming self-employed. She has some amazing ideas and aspirations but was struggling with how to put them into action. I invited her to a consultation where we discussed her skill set, passions and any steps she had already taken towards her goal. This then led to a brainstorming session where we discussed branding, advertising including social media marketing and networking. With my help, Charlyne set an action plan which included some market research and a few courses. Since then we have kept in close contact and I keep her updated on upcoming networking events, workshops and courses.

Charlyne is happy and excited to see that the business she had written about nearly 6 years ago is now beginning to manifest and states that she is “Very grateful for all the help, support and encouragement that Big Dreams Clear Visions has provided”.

Follow her on Twitter to witness her progress.

Very grateful for all the help, support and encouragement that Big Dreams Clear Visions has provided