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Mend-It Summer Event 2018

Mother of three with a new lease of life for success. In the past year, I have completed a number of courses in order to up-skill and prepare me for working life. During this time I have renewed my childhood passion to create my own charity that empowers others and genuinely give back to my community. Check it out here To fund this I wanted to create a business I would enjoy and I love all things creative and progress.

My brand was created to allow me to have free reign over my title. I wanted a position where I could incorporate all my skills and passions. I wanted to allow space for community volunteering and raising my daughters.
It started with Graphic Design, designing birthday banners, logos, business cards, inspiring prints, cards stickers etc. and grew to what it is today.

The proceeds from Char’s Visionary’s services will help towards funding my ultimate dream. Big Dreams Clear Visions. A charity which primarily aims to uplift and inspire others to manifest there own visions.

Still on my own “self-discovery” journey, I by no means have life all figured out however, I am a firm believer that the only way is up. As long as I’m moving, I am making progress.

The only thing standing in the way of our success is our own conditioning and limited beliefs.

About Me | Hobbies & Interests

I am in love with all things progress, craft, pretty planning, journaling, moon cycles, numerology, tarot, music, designing, affirmations, chakras, empowerment, sewing, reading, food!

Saying that once I have worked out a way to combine and package all of my favourite hobbies and interests. I want to introduce you to them as blog posts.

For more information or to just give me some advice or encouragement please contact me.