How to get involved in the vision


There are a number of ways you or someone you may know can get involved in the vision. In fact, there is a multitude of ways for you to invest in anything or anyone you believe in. As someone who actively practices gratitude, I know even the smallest gestures make a difference.

Get Involved:
  • Support and encouragement. Going into anything new or unknown on your own can be scary, nothing like a positive message to provide extra strength.
  • Leave a comment somewhere, share a post on your social media and follow mine. 
  • Site interaction is valuable to any brand and doesn’t take a minute. Take a look around, The home page has a mini-tour.
  • Guest writing, want to get your content out there or just try out blogging, message me.
  • Creating some graphics to pretty up the site, photo’s of skylines, melanin or moonlit anything!
  • I really need some royalty free music that I can dance too, lol I’m being picky really, anything will help. If you know an up and coming musician/composer? Send them my way.
  • a coupon code or recommendation for a doodle video creator would be great.
  • If you know of any funding that I can access, sharing that with me would be of great help.
  • Talking of funding, If you know of any way to set up a donate, contribute or sponsor page. Please let me know.
  • Recommendations for virtual offices in the UK.
  • Donate your time to speak at one of my Visionary Power Groups. A great chance to inspire others! If you’re an aspiring public speaker or motivational coach, it would be a great opportunity for you.


Giving back!

I want to be able to reward the efforts of those that contribute to my site or brand as a whole. I have decided to give recognition on my blog (free advertising is very valuable) and eventually want to do a “wall of fame” type page. Also in a year or two would love to host my own award ceremony somewhere. Just to give back to all that supported me and any and all success stories along the way. Ambitious I know but that is the whole point of my brand.

Tell A friend to tell a friend

Word of mouth is a very powerful tool when it comes to promotion, let us imagine the conversation.

A: Hey, I found a brilliant website

B: for real, what’s it about?

A: It’s a new blog site with a twist.

B: oh. So what makes it special then?

A: Well the author is a humble mother of 3, all girls and faces a lot of barriers. Alongside her blog, she is using her knowledge, life experience and passion to promote and uplift people like us with dreams and aspirations. Plus she does reviews and is really creative.

B: Really, wow! I have some ideas, how can I get involved?

A: Just go to and leave some love.


haha, well I’m apparently no scriptwriter. If you have a better conversation idea, please feel free to message me. What I’m trying to get across is, it costs nothing but a minute of your time to help grow a brand. For example, I will forever promote the Happy Planner for organising your life and working on your gratitude and future dream plans.