Fellow Visionary’s

This section of the website will be dedicated to my fellow visionary’s. Those special people that I know have goals they’re definitely working on reaching. I came up with the idea since a lot of us have small businesses or business ideas but only have social media for promotion. (With the correct marketing strategy, promoting on social media is an amazing way to get out there. If you have coins, paid ads will also help you get a higher reach rate). The thought process was that a personalised URL, with a recommendation and maybe a list of help or resources being sought, would be of great benefit to up and coming entrepreneurs.

The Visionary Power Group

So the wife, Natalie, owner of Dream Big (check out her facebook page) and I over the past few years have held up a tradition. A working breakfast. With me only having 2 hours in the morning child-free, we definitely made the most out of the time available. While at breakfast we would deliberate on future endeavours and ideas we had. So if you have checked out my mini-bio you will know that everyone has gone full-time now. With my new found extra time I had the vision to expand our tradition and open it up to others.

Check out the page for updates and more information about what will be taking place at the brainstorming lunches.

Join The Vision

I personally feel that everyone is a visionary in their own right. I haven’t met anyone that wants to stay still in their current situation. Even billionaires I am sure are lounging in their private jets thinking how they are going to make the next billion. Or maybe who are they going to employ next to do the thinking for them.

This page will outline how to Join the vision and get advertising. (Think personalised online newspaper article)

My First two Fellow Visionary’s

Dream Big

The Allen Enterprise

Look out for their own official pages on the site. coming this week!