The Visionary Power Group



The group actually isn’t a “thing” yet, It is a dream that I am slowly bringing to reality. I see potential in everyone and everything. There is always a higher purpose for life. Whether you have nothing or have anything, with encouragement and empowerment from the group. I personally feel that you can achieve anything as long as you are ready to put in that work!

Plus I am greedy and an undercover food and venue critic. No, for real go check my google guide profile.

Hopes for the group

I imagine a select few from the pilot group giving their Nobel Prize acceptance speech or business of the year award. With them saying their ideas were so well received and brought to life. That it happened at a lunch date with like-minded people hosted by Char’s Visionary’s. Who at the time, was an up and coming brand. Imagine

Back to reality

I’m working hard to promote the group. A really hard task when you suffer from social anxiety. However, I am working on that as I type! As soon as I can kick anxieties butt and step my networking game up I hope to have a nice sized regular group. I want to be able to have the group funded at some point so it can reach those who may not have the freedom to afford lunch. Also to be able to offer childcare facilities at the lunches. For now though, like I keep saying, “If you ready, you’re ready”.


If you ready, You’re READY

Money is tight for me too, I feel like if I can save £15 to go to a lunch event and make PROGRESS with my future plans. Save money to get to classes on time, pay for web hosting every month, machinery for the business etc. I think anyone can with minor sacrifices.  Unless you were born into riches, sacrifices have to be made at some point to become successful. Actually, even those born into riches may need to make sacrifices. The only thing that I can really excuse is childcare issues. I have been there!! However, I can help you with that if your drive is huge enough for you to ask.

Facebook Group??

Now if you live on the other of the country or even the world, how would you like a facebook group? Based on the same objective but open to the whole UK, or even worldwide. I say UK only because from a business perspective we have different laws and regulations but I can find a way to address that. Without segregation of course!