July 2017 Mini Bio

On Updating the website, I really didn’t want to just delete my “About Me” page. It’s history, my history anyway. So have moved it here:

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Charlene July 2017:

My name is Charlene and I would like to give you a little insight into me.

My educational background is in teaching, to be more specific Key Stages 2 and 3 with a specialism in IT. On taking time out to have children I had a lot of reflection time. I came to the conclusion that my purpose in life is so much greater than being at the front of the classroom Monday to Friday.

With my youngest starting full-time school this September (2017). I have decided it is about time to release my ideas from the brainstorms they are locked into and start speaking them into existence.

As a child of the moon, Spring Solstice saw these ideas flourish into dreams outlined with task-lists to manifest them into reality.

This website will highlight all the things Charlene, my love for crafts, helping others,  poetry, political opinion, food, learning new skills and of course my 3 beautiful girls.

Now with any masterpiece, barriers are going to arise and I intend to feature these also. My main barriers are my health, childcare, my sight, lack of website building knowledge. Follow me to see me talk about these subjects as the week’s pass.

Currently, I am in volunteering mode, trying to refresh and build on skills. I am at the moment volunteering for Home-Start Walsall, and starting to become more involved with my community. I would like to apply the knowledge I am gaining to very soon help a wider demographic.


I am going to try my best to use my research skills together with my best friends Google and Youtube to create the website myself. So far it’s going really well. Need to do more research on advertising and how to use my own fonts. A few other stuff too, but loving it right now.

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