Char's Visionary's Creative Laptop

I have always lived a creative life. I officially own this personality trait, now anyway.  Growing up I felt being told I was creative was somewhat of an insult. I worked hard in school and was never chosen for a group project because I was smart, always because I was creative. I knew how to put together a sentence in a poetical way, or I knew the best way to set out a presentation board. Even as an adult this is still somewhat the norm for me. However now I embrace it. I am creative and I do not have one specific field. Only thing is, I can’t draw too good.

My Creative Skill Set

Graphic Design

I think I have always had this skill, from back in the day when "paint" was all we had. This year I got some new software, Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop. With these two I have been creating masterpieces TooT TooT (well if I don't blow my own trumpet who's going to?). I'm going to keep practising and hopefully purchase a graphics tablet soon to see if I can start doing vector drawings.


Don't let anyone tell you this is not an art. From creating and adapting recipes to plating up a mouthwatering plate, there is so much room for creativity here.


I love to knit, either on needles and on a loom. I find it a very therapeutic hobby, great for those reflection weeks I like to have 2-3 times a year. Usually around spring and autumn solstice. Love making hats and scarves, using different colours and patterns in each. I can even knit names and basic pictures into them. It is not a very profitable hobby for me since my eyes are so bad and hands don't behave when told.

Loom Bands

Okay, this one is a questionable art, however, from you can do names and have a good sense of what colours go together it is!


I have an obsession with fabric! it's so serious, I had to ban myself from market days. I love to sew bags, clothes, curtains, pillow covers and toys etc. I don't get to sew very often but when I do, I'm in my element. Always learning new skills as well which I live for.

Plaiting Hair

I always struggled with plaiting in straight line simple styles. My creative side takes over and it has to at least have a crossover or some beads or something EXTRA. I used to plait in a salon and do freelance, until I had an allergic reaction to some hair and that was the end of that, sadly. Since I now have three girls I have taken back to plaiting but only their hair and sometimes mine. I can also when I feel up to it, do crochet and weaves.


This I would say was a very personal one, that is usually done when I am deep in thought. Not usually publicised, however, I may very well be behind the scenes compiling my own book to house them in. Time will tell.

Pretty Planning

This is currently my favourite hobby, though it is not very popular in the UK it is becoming increasingly so. So many different levels to designing and creating while getting you to think about yourself. Keep a journal, plan out the week, keep a gratitude diary or track habits. For example, habits can be basic like drinking water, to keeping up with your social marketing strategy. All while looking gorgeous and portraying your personality.