UK Black History Month Project

My Black History Month Design Project

“Individual Squares though we all flow as one”

Black History Month has been celebrated in the UK for a very long time. Ever since I was young in school, October would come around and I instantly landed on the protest train.

Why did we only get a month?

As I have gone through life I realised that Mental Health needed a month, Invisible Illnesses needed a month and they are only ones I am deeply affected by. There are plenty of other causes that don’t get the recognition we do and when we do get it most of us complain, ignore or boycott it altogether. Plus if like me, you celebrate in February with the rest of the world. We get two months,

This year I wanted to highlight Visionary’s of the past. They paved the way for me in their own individual ways. Many invented or improved machinery still used today. A few actually drafted patents for other great inventors.

The power of this project is that although they’re all individuals, as a collective they give hope. Individual squares that flow as one and it really does make me feel like I can be great too!

I hope you enjoyed the daily bites of knowledge, inspiration & motivation. Please comment below your favorite visionary from this project and share on all your socials.

I didn’t want to give a history lesson on each role model showcased, as I left teaching a long time ago but if you feel called to do some daily research, please do and send me a message letting me know your findings.

Ps. It maybe only Black History Month in the UK but the world can take part! & The best place to view this will be over on Instagram because of the platforms structure.

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