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The Vision Spot Story

The Vision Spot was born out of a problem.

I had a new space which I now call my hub (much better than “erm shop/studio/office”) but what would I call it? I didn’t want to choose between Char’s Visionary’s and Big Dreams Clear Visions because they are both my babies. They both have equal weight. Another reason I didn’t want to name the hub after any of my visions is that I wanted the hub to house everyone’s visions. I want the hub to be just as much your Vision Spot as it is mine.

The same goes for my new Facebook group which has had a name change and mini makeover, feel free to join and promote your vision while you learn new tips and soak in the motivation.

Promoting your vision

If any of the following applies or interests you please do contact me here:

  • Have an upcoming event
  • Need an online presence or webpage
  • Have a new promotion
  • Have an affiliate program

I am currently offering an amazing opportunity to anyone that can make it to Walsall, West Midlands, UK. If you cant make it to The Vision Spot but are still interested please still sign up, as we grow I will be offering some of the sessions online. All I am asking for is feedback, any skill swap would be greatly appreciated though.

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The Vision Spot Opening Hours

At the present moment, The Vision Spot will be operating on an appointment only basis. Opening hours are very restricting to me. At this point in time I am still studying, networking, volunteering and generally being a mom. However, if you pass by and the light is on. Please feel free to ring the bell and come in. To avoid disappointment definitely, contact me on any of my social media to make an appointment.