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A Visionary according to Oxford English Dictionaries, as a noun is “a person with original ideas or plans about what the future will or could be like”. As an adjective to be “Thinking about or planning the future with imagination or wisdom”.

Donate your time and creativity and help the vision.

I love all things ARTISTIC! Crafting, Designing, Planning etc. However, drawing characters is hard for me, I would love to find some help. I have so many ideas that need illustrating and hopefully, that is where you come into it…

I am in search of some images that depict: afro gods and goddesses, melanin-blessed babies, children, teenagers, adults, elders, pregnant women. These could be set in various situations such as career positions, playing sports,  as superheroes, music-related etc. I would also be grateful for objects and patterns. Through any interpretation, whether cartoon, pop art, line drawing, photo and animated. I would prefer vector or png artwork though it is not essential.

All I request is the full copyright of artwork.

If you know of any children or teenagers that have a passion or art, please forward this to their parents as it would be great recognition for them.

Visionary Incentives would include

A Feature in the future wall of fame gallery on my website. It will have links to all your social media handles and any website you may have. This page will be cited in any future publications. eg, magazine articles, books and newspapers etc.

Certificate of participation; helping the younger and future generation of melanin-blessed children have more relatable images and products available to them. This definitely deserves some recognition.

Exclusive lifetime discount for any future products.

Thank you for taking an interest and please share this on any social media platforms you can and you contact me here.

2 thoughts on “B.O.B Become a Visionary with me

  1. denise amory-reid Reply

    Your page is amazing. I’d like to subscribe!

  2. Jessie Allen Reply

    Brilliant concept Charlene, I love it ❤️❤️

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