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Mother of three with a new lease of life for success. In the past year, I have completed a number of courses in order to up-skill and prepare me for working life. During this time I have renewed my childhood passion to create my own charity that empowers others and genuinely give back to my community. Check it out here To fund this I wanted to create a business I would enjoy and I love all things creative and progress.

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Big Dreams Clear Visions BDCV started as a dream, one could even call it a premonition.

I wanted to help others on a larger scale. It started as friends and family, then progressed to those I met in groups like ‘parent and toddler’ and courses I have taken. Yeah, I wanted to help more people. After evaluation and reflection, I went back to the dream of creating a charity and started brainstorming.

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My Black History Month Design Project “Individual Squares though we all flow as one” Black History Month has been celebrated in the UK for a very long time. Ever since …

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July 2017 Mini Bio

On Updating the website, I really didn’t want to just delete my “About Me” page. It’s history, my history anyway. So have moved it here: Follow me on social media for …

Course Collection

Course Collection For the past three years, I have been counting down the days until September 5th, 2017 for one reason and one reason only! All my girls, (yes I …